A strong safety culture is created by keeping your employees focused on safe work practices and behaviors. The Daily Safety Huddle™ program is the tool that helps keep your workforce talking safety and thinking safety!

The Daily Safety Huddle™ program is based on the idea that people learn through storytelling and discussion. As a result, a supervisor, or anyone in the group can facilitate a “safety huddle” using this engaging, interactive tool. Our safety materials enable supervisors to easily conduct effective safety meetings.  Or, in the case of using our downloadable digital files, anyone can read the safety documents by themselves or in a group, from their computer, tablet or smart phone. 

Because every company’s safety requirements are unique, the Daily Safety Huddle™ is intended to provide facilitators with general safety talking points and principles. Consequently, this will generate discussion about safety procedures that are specific to each company.

The Daily Safety Huddle™ provides solutions to common problems supervisors face when conducting safety meetings.

I don’t have time to prepare content.
The Daily Safety Huddle™ material is already prepared. Supervisors don’t need to spend time researching and organizing topics for a safety meeting. And, supervisors can select the amount of material from each safety sheet he/she has time to discuss. Because the safety topics are ready to present, it is easier to conduct consistent “daily safety huddles”. It only requires a few minutes to review the day’s topics before conducting your “safety huddle”.

I don’t know what topics to cover.
The Daily Safety Huddle™ materials present stories and photos that cover a variety
of safety “principles” that are relevant to most industrial work situations.

My people are bored – they won’t participate.
The Daily Safety Huddle™ materials use inspirational quotes, health facts, and trivia
to break the ice and get people involved in the conversation. Dramatic safety photos
and stories, along with safety questions encourage participation in the discussion.

I’m not a good speaker in front of a group.
The Daily Safety Huddle™ facilitator simply reads the material to the group or passes around the photo(s) and begins a dialogue about the topics. No one has to “give a speech”. The facilitator leads a discussion, which keeps people involved, and creates greater safety awareness.

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Safety Topics Covered

Ladder Safety - LOTO - Confined Space - Trench Safety - Crane Safety - Fall Protection - PPE - Fuel Tank Safety - Eye Safety - Work Zone Safety - Chemical Safety - Forklift Safety - Electrical Safety - Pinch Points - Ergonomics - Material Handling - Tool Safety - Health & First Aid - Machine Guarding - Lifting & Back Health - Transport Safety - Hearing Protection - Respiratory Safety - Workplace Violence - Fire Safety - Chocking & Blocking - Walk/Working Surfaces - Hazard Communications - Bloodborne Pathogens - Flammable Liquids - Propylene Cylinders - Loading Dock Safety - Emergency Evacuation - Driving/Spotter Safety - Scaffolding Safety - Fatigue - Underground Utilities - Drum Labeling - Welding Safety - Hand Protection - Heat Stress - Line-of-Fire...

and more!