Conduct more effective safety meetings with our easy-to-use, already prepared safety materials.

The Daily Safety Huddle™ promotes SAFETY THROUGH STORYTELLING, which is one of the proven best ways to learn. We go beyond showing compelling safety photos and tell the story behind the mishaps—and provide helpful suggestions on how to avoid those safety hazards.

Since 2008, the Daily Safety Huddle™ program has been used by many of the nation’s largest and most safety conscious industrial companies including U.S. Steel, ExxonMobil, Gerdau, General Mills and more. The Daily Safety Huddle™ can also help YOUR workers protect themselves on the job so you can minimize worker comp claims—and your employees can return home to their families safe at the end of every day.

Eliminate or Minimize Workplace Injuries and Protect Your Bottom Line
One of the best ways to control safety incidents is to have a workforce that is constantly aware of the dangers they face EVERY DAY on the job. The Daily Safety Huddle™ is an important tool that will have your workers talking safety — and thinking safety on a daily basis!

If your company relies on toolbox talks to keep your workforce focused on safety issues related to their work, the Daily Safety Huddle™ is the program you need!